3 Easy Steps to Customer Satisfaction 

  1.         Inspiration 
  2.         Communication
  3.         Implementation

Step 1: Inspiration!

For our design team to better grasp your vision for your home, we love to see where your inspiration comes from. Pinterest is a great way for our clients to visually express what designs they do and do not like. While the client showcases their inspiration, our team can understand the client’s vision for their home or space. There are many different design styles and trends, once we know the inspiration, we can help find pieces to suit the trend or style you wish to accomplish. 


Step 2: Communication is key, they say.

Not exactly sure who ‘they’ is, however, we do know this is a true statement. Although your inspiration may seem clear, there may be a few grey areas that we will have to work through together. We need our clients to be completely open and honest with us through the process. We believe honesty is the best policy! 


This step is crucial to us. To have a successful stage three, stage two (communication) must be thorough and detailed. We want to bring your vision to life; through communication, we will be able to accomplish the very task you hired us for: creating a space that you love! 


Let’s not forget, communication works both ways. Therefore, our team vows to give our professional opinion, give live updates, and create a space where you are free to express your thoughts. 


Step 3: Implementation- now this is where it gets fun!

We’ve discovered your vision and communicated through your likes and dislikes. Now we can finally implement your new design. Whether your style is bohemian, Scandinavian, or modern, this is the time we can bring everything to life! There’s one final step we didn’t mention…pictures! Tell your friends and family about how satisfied you are with your new décor by The Savvy ID. We absolutely love knowing that our customers are satisfied with our luxury services. 

Wondering how you can schedule a design Consultation with THE SAVVY ID?

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