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5 Reasons Why Realtors Absolutely Need to Offer a Staging Consultation

The Atlanta spring real estate market is on FIRE right now. Springtime is when sellers typically list their homes for sale. So, there will be a ton of competition on the market during this time of year. But with a helpful home staging consultation prior to staging and listing, the property you’re selling will stand out amongst the competition.

More Realtors are becoming knowledgeable about the benefits of offering pre-staging consultations and home staging design services. It will become imperative for other agents to follow suit and start adding these to their list of services, by partnering with a professional company like The Savvy ID,

So, for example, if an agent offers a home staging service that generates more bids on a property, the chances of the home selling for a higher price go up. Higher sale prices mean higher commissions. So, there is a definite monetary advantage waiting for those agents who promote staging over those who do not.

Not sold yet? Take a look at our top 5 reasons Realtors benefit from offering home staging…

Reason 5: A Consultation Removes You from Uncomfortable Client Conversations


A home staging consultation provides an objective third-party opinion. This keeps the real estate agent from being put in a difficult situation by discussing the seller’s property condition.

By having a professional home stager on your team, we can conduct all your pre-market consultations. And while we are doing that, you can continue to fill your pipeline. A home stager knows how to have these conversations without jeopardizing your client relationship. So, you’re free to generate more leads knowing your clients are in good hands.

Reason 4: A Staging Consultation Ensures You Get a Higher Commission


Home staging increases your chances of generating more bids on a property and selling the home faster for a higher price. This means a higher commission check for you, as the Realtor.

We had an investor in Locust Grove, Georgia that wanted to put his property on the market prior to having it staged. He was curious to see if he could sell it without staging. His property sat on the market for 4 months without any viable offers. He finally allowed our home staging company to stage his listing.

After the property was staged, his Realtor received multiple offers during the day of the open house. This saved her commission and put more money back into the seller’s bank account.

Reason 3: A Consultation Guarantees You Enticing Listing Photos


In combination with having your listing professionally staged, you must also have a professional real estate photographer on your team. They are trained to highlight and showcase your property effectively. Buyers are oftentimes led by their emotions, so first impressions are everything.

It’s extremely important to have professional real estate photos that will enhance the staging. They will also be able to entice potential buyers to visit your staged home in-person.

90% of people lack the vision to see beyond the current décor of a home. However, having your listing professionally staged and photographed helps potential buyers see how they can live in, entertain, and enjoy the home you’re selling.

Reason 2: A Staging Consultation Preserves the Your Successful Reputation


Staged homes typically sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes. With staged homes, seller’s agents reported an increase of 1% – 5% of the dollar value offered by buyers in comparison to similar homes not staged.

Remember our investor client from earlier…don’t list your home vacant, even in this hot real estate market. By listing your home un-staged, you are leaving a ton of money on the closing table instead of getting that into your bank account.

Reason 1: A Consultation Brings You a Full Pipeline of New Clients


When you combine the consultation with professional home staging and real estate photography, it increases your chances of having a sold home. A reputation of sales will keep the seller’s agent’s pipeline full of prospects. Let’s face it, buyer’s agents love showing staged homes because they often feel like it will get them to the closing table faster.

The way a house is prepared for sale is a significant factor in how much it sells for and how long it takes to sell. Investing in a 2-hour home staging consultation with our team of professionals is a wise way to get the selling process started.


The consultation is the foundation which sets the stage for a successful sale. Our trained stagers create additional wealth for you and your home seller by the polish we put on the property. This reassures the buyer about making the enormous financial commitment a house demands.

Wondering how you can offer your clients a staging consultation? Reach out to us today!

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