You only get one chance to make a great first and lasting impression! Just one. What will you choose?

As the Home Seller, you control two things:

  1. Price
  2. Appearance / Condition

Just imagine if you chose the latter and decided to do nothing. Here’s what would happen:

  • Potential buyers would only focus on all the issues of the property instead of focusing on the positives.
  • The home would sit for months without any real viable offers. Buyers would become less interested the longer your property languished on the market.
  • You would have to reduce the price just to pique buyer interest. Every price reduction, price modification, or price improvement, will cost you thousands of dollars!
  • You would lose a ton of your “profit” with your stale listing just sitting on the market, month-after-month, with no offer in sight.

Can you really afford to lose thousands of dollars?

If your answer is “yes” – meaning you can afford to lose money and you do not believe in the power of Home Staging interior/exterior marketing) then you are in the wrong place!

But let’s just say, if the only thing you got partnering with us was a “Quick Sale”, Your “Return on Investment” and/or “Sold Your Property At or Above List Price” it would be worth hiring us

If you can’t afford to lose money and want to profit, which path will you choose? We hope you have decided to partner and collaborate with us.

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