Renovating your home can be a huge undertaking if you are doing it without professional help. There’s so much that can happen along the way and a ton of things you have to know and consider before taking on such a project. Most clients that we have worked with in the past who tried to undertake a project of this magnitude prior to working with us said they would have never attempted to manage such a project. They would have hired a professional design company first.

The DIYers False Beliefs

Oftentimes when you think about doing a project yourself, you think about all the money you will save in the end. However, in reality what ends up happening is: 

  • It leads to tension and arguments with your significant other (or loved ones) because you may start the project, but you never finish what you started. 
  • You start to experience lots of headaches, frustration and stress because you thought you could figure it all out by watching a quick 30-minute tutorial on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest (and it’s actually taking much longer than expected).
  • You end up wasting time, squandering unnecessary amounts of money (that you thought you would save by not hiring a professional designer) and wasted efforts purchasing all the wrong things that you “thought” would fit and look great in your space (but don’t).
  • It disrupts your normal daily routines due to having to keep track of product orders, budgets, unexpected hiccups, delays, schedule changes, and obstacles that arise along the way. 

Hiring an experienced interior designer will keep you from pulling your hair out and provides peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You designer’s process will keep you from losing your sanity. An experienced interior designer (or home decorator) has unlimited access to the best resources, trades, vendors and contractors which will benefit your home’s overall value.

Your designer will save you time and money, so you get the outcome you envisioned. And if there are any unexpected hiccups along the way (and there will be), your designer has proven repeatable systems and processes to handle the workload that will yield valuable benefits. From ensuring that everything comes together correctly, taking your project to the next level aesthetically, adding long lasting value to your home and making the design process smooth.


If you’ve never worked with an interior designer (or home decorator), you might be asking yourself – What does the home renovation process look like and what is it like working with an interior design company? 



Find a designer (or home decorating company) that you can get to know, like and build trust with. Look for a design firm that has completed projects that you absolutely love, and you can see them transforming your space. Check out their project portfolio page on their website. Get to know them virtually by following them on Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Opt-in to their email-list to stay abreast of all the many things that they may not post publicly. These are just a few tips that you can use if you’re looking to hire your own interior designer. 


Now that you have found the designer for you, complete the online project inquiry form listed on their website. Be sure to upload current pictures of your home along with any blueprints, inspirational images and idea boards that you may have created. Doing this will help your design firm tremendously so they can understand your needs a lot better.

Get Acquainted.

Schedule your 20-minute Discovery Call so the two of you can get acquainted with each other. During this brief call, you will learn about their design process, what services they offer, and you will be able to see if the firm is in fact a good fit for your home improvement needs. Before ending the call, be sure to book your design consultation if you want to move forward with them. Most sought after firm’s book appointments as early as 2-8 weeks in advance.

Book A Consultation.

If the call goes well and you feel like the designer (and company) suits your needs and you LIKE THEM (which is a huge must), book a 1-hour design consultation with them so they can walk you through the entire process


Research Phase.

Understanding your design style and lifestyle is a critical step in the design process that ensures your designer will create a space you’ll love. During this phase, your designer will need you to complete a lifestyle questionnaire and share all of your inspirational images from houzz, pinterest, instagram etc. 

After the consultation period your designer will prepare a customized proposal detailing the scope of work for your home remodel project. The proposal will outline all the rooms that will be renovated, provide you with a detailed project summary, estimated timeline, design deliverables, and total design fees. Once approved, you will sign your contract and pay a percentage of your non-refundable retainer to start the process.

Kickoff Meeting.

This meeting will officially jumpstart your project and it’s imperative that all key decision makers are present at this time. During your kickoff meeting, your designer will review your questionnaire and inspiration images in greater detail. They will conduct a site visit to take measurements, pictures and talk through all the elements of your project with you. 

Design Phase.

Your whole design team will be working hard on your behalf to pull together all the elements that will bring your design to life.They will create floor plans and elevations, start sourcing fixtures and furnishings, and select finishes to create your custom design. This phase is considered the quiet phase because a lot of the work is happening behind the scenes and usually takes between 6-12 weeks to complete.

Presentation Day.

Once all the finishing touches on your design is complete, you’ll enjoy an in-studio presentation. You’ll review your complete design and all the details including elevations, design boards, renderings, fabric swatches, finish samples, tear sheets and quotes for contractor labor, project management and site maintenance. 

Your designer will make adjustments as needed based on your feedback. Time is of the essence to keep the momentum of your project moving forward. If you’re not a quick decision maker and need more than 48-72 hours to finalize your design decisions, you run the risk of items going out-stock, being discontinued or increased prices.


When the design plan is approved and your product invoices have been paid in full, your design team will begin the purchasing phase. They will track and double check every order to make sure each item arrives correctly to their white glove receiving company. This phase can take anywhere from 12-20 weeks, or longer, depending on estimated ship dates. You’ll receive regular updates on the status of your project on a weekly basis via email or touch base phone calls.

Project Management.

Your designer will collaborate with your contractor if this service is included in your scope of work and will offer construction support to your trades throughout the renovation to ensure every detail is executed perfectly. This may include several pre-scheduled site visits where your designer will act as the liaison between you and your contractor.


The final phase is where all the magic happens – your actual INSTALLATION! Your design team will coordinate the delivery of your ordered items and be onsite on the day of your install to ensure everything falls into place. They will bring accessories to add the finishing touches to tie it all together, leaving you with a completed space ready for you (and your family) to enjoy.

Wrap Up.

If your designer identifies any issues at the time of installation, they’ll work with their vendors and your contractor, if possible, to resolve them quickly.

There are so many moving parts to full-service interior design (such as home renovations, new construction and furnishings & decor projects). That’s why you should not try to DIY your way through this process. Find an experienced designer (or company) that provides a luxury client experience like THE SAVVY ID Interior Design firm, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If not, it may backfire on you. 

Want to work with us on your new construction, home renovation, or furnishings project? Complete our project inquiry form and schedule a 20-minute discovery call today. We look forward to meeting you!

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