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The-Savvy-ID-interior design | Mcdonough, ga
The-Savvy-ID-interior design | Mcdonough, ga

The Meaning Behind Interior Design And Home Decorating Trends

Interior Design Trends are the concepts and ideas that are entering the market and have immense potential to create radical changes. They can be completely new concepts but can also be old ideas that are revised or enhanced and made new.

Trends interpret what happened before to help us try and understand and predict the future. The idea is that we want something different than we have now, but not too different. A gradual change from what was to what will be. Trends help interior designers, decorators, and home stagers better their work so you can live well and work more efficiently.

In the fashion industry and the interior design world you often hear about all the upcoming trends that will be incorporated in everyday wear, home, real estate etc., which you use in your everyday life.

Design Trends Origin

Inspiration is everywhere of course. But when it comes to interior design there are a few places we can pinpoint as surefire influences on interior styling. Among them includes the fashion industry, social media, and traditional media including television and magazines.

Why Trends Change Every Year 

Trends change because people get bored by them, and they want more innovative and effective solutions. Great designers like THE SAVVY ID don’t ignore design trends; we study and understand them in order to better our work – refine our craft. So, let’s find out what trends are going away and those that are here to stay. 

Retired Design Trends

  • Matchy-Matchy Design/ Furniture Sets
  • Areas That Sit Unused and Collects Clutter
  • Distressed or Glazed Cabinets
  • Overstuffed Seating
  • White Kitchens Without a Personalized Splash of Color
  • Outdated Appliances
  • Rose Gold
  • Jetted Bathtubs
  • Shiplap and Barn Doors
  • Grey Interiors

Top 8 Interior Design Trends In 2023 To Look Out for And Implement

  • Homework Rooms. This will help your kids get and keep themselves better organized without the need to constantly be distracted so they can focus and thrive.
  • Wine Displays. Now is the time to display your favorite bottles in style with inventive wine storage solutions for all to see.
  • Bold Marble & Stone. Go BIG or go home with a statement stone where you can now use it on your fireplaces, dining & coffee tables, backsplashes, luxurious bathtubs, ottomans, flooring, staircases, seating, and even glassware. The sky’s the limit!
  • Curved Furnishings. This trend has been popping up in high-end  homes and hotels because it looks so chic and inviting. Curved furnishings seem to offer more intimate seating arrangements than traditional straight-back sofas so give it a try this year.
  • Moody & Dramatic Spaces. Is a stylish form of comfort that makes you feel safe to have a little dark space to envelop you, whether it’s your kitchen, living room, bathroom or home theater room. It simply looks rich and inviting in a lightly decorated space.
  • Interesting Shaped Floor Art with Statement Rugs. Bold patterns and even uniquely shaped rugs work well in spaces that have minimal furnishings which makes the rug the wow feature in your home. It’s important to get the appropriate size for your room to help with scale and balance. Hire a professional interior designer or home decorator to help you with this.
  • More Island Space in the Kitchen. It’s so popular to have kitchen islands that primarily function as your permanent dining table experience. For larger areas it’s even more popular to have not one but TWO islands in your kitchen area! With this new design trend you can now forgo the traditional dining room space that’s never really used outside of major holidays and events such as Thanksgiving & Christmas; and convert it into a keeping room or a conversational area for hosting small intimate home events. So, if you’re renovating or building a new home you may want to consider this new trend.
  • Accent Walls Including the 5th Wall Above. Accent walls make BOLD statements! They are the “WOW” factor. The focal point in the room most often. It’s a great way to define your space and incorporate your personal design style. Wallpaper is a great way to enhance your ceilings and walls if you don’t mind making that type of commitment. Wallpaper can truly elevate your room’s overall design when advised by a professional interior designer. If wallpaper frightens you, then maybe you should think about adding a beadboard wall or using unique wood trim designs on one of your walls (or ceiling) in to elevate your space.

Several industries if not all are directly affected by the ever-changing design trends such as real estate, residential construction, house renovation, home staging and of course the interior design industry. 

How will you incorporate these popular interior design trends into your home and everyday lifestyle? Perhaps your space feels bland and blah because it’s a little outdated, not sophisticated enough or functional for your day-to-day needs. No matter the reason why you feel the way that you do, we want to help you. 

Now’s the time to take action. Schedule your complimentary 20-minute discovery call session to get you on the path to unlocking your home’s potential. 

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